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A thing that I've always had was a bucket list, although I've never really written it all down on paper it has always been there in the back of my mind. I've written down bits of it from time to time but never one whole list so I decided to sit down and write out everything I want to achieve in life. Somethings are lighthearted and others are a little more meaningful but both are just as important to me since I hope to achieve loads in my lifetime. Pre Warning, the list is long!

1. have kids
2. get married
3. live to see my grand children
4. have an amazing job
5. own my own library
6. get a tattoo
7. spend an entire day watching disney movies
8. be a cheerleader
9. make a wish in the Trevi fountain in Rome
10. go to every Disney land
11. step foot in all 7 continents
12. live in America
13. be a Disney princess
14. be in a movie
15. go on a Disney cruise
16. float in the Dead sea
17. go shopping in New York
18. find my own secret spot
19. record in a professinal recording studio
20. find something i love and know im good at
21. have a bonfire in the beach
22. give a homeless person a christmas present
23. add a lock to the love bridge in Paris
24. go to Monte Carlo
25. dance in the rain
26. throw a dart at a map and travel where ever it lands
27. visit the fairy pools in Scotland
28. go to every castle in Scotland
29. go to an airport/train station and buy a random ticket
30. take cute pictures in a photo booth
31. see a Broadway production
32. be part of a Broadway/West end production
33. rent/own a beach house
34. go on a carnival date
35. yell at the top of a mountain
36. visit New York
37. swim in a fountain
38. visit pixar/universal/disney studios
39. go to a music festival
40. visit Anne Franks house
41. fill a truck with pillows and blankets and go star gazing
42. take a picture infront of the Hollywood sign
43. go tot the glow worm caves in New Zeland
44. visit the Taj Mahall
45. go to Japan
46. volunteer at a Childrens hospital
47. party on a yacht
48. leave a note for someone to find in a library book
49. watch the sun set at a beach
50. complete a scrapbook
51. dye my hair a bold colour
52. go to a rave party
53. be a bridesmaid
54. play in a sprinkler
55. buy my first home
56. have a white christmas
57. go on a road trip with friends
58. go camping with friends
59. go to Italy
60. go to a drive in movie
61. learn to drive
62. walk along the Great Wall of China
63. travel with my best friends
64. ride a gondola
65. learn a new language
66. visit Austraila
67. move to a different country
68. learn to play piano
69. sit in a hot tub in winter
70. visit Niagra Falls
71. go to Hawaii
72. go to Times Square
73. see the Northen lights
74. Have a christmas in New York
75. create a "reading spot"
76. tie a message to a ballon and let it go
77. get front row seats to a concert
78. fly first class
79. drive along the infinity bridge in England
80. be kissed under misteltoe
81. feel good in a swimsuit
82. run a marathon
83. drink from a coconut
84. inspire someone
85. inspire myself
86. go to a celebrity meet and greet
87. go to a masqurade
88. say yas to everything for a day
89. have a luxury bathroom
90. have lunch in a cafe in Paris
91. visit the Caribean
92. finnd a real pearl
93. see the Grand Canyon
94. puta piece of gum on the gum wall in Seattle
95. be happy in my own skin
96. go snorkling in clear blue water
97. donate my hair to charity
98. help save a life
99. make people smile
100. ride a horse drawn carrige
101. ride a private jet
102. grow my own food
103. visit Jamaica
104. have a picnic date
105. tye dye a shirt
106. have a silly string fight
107. have a water ballon fight
108. go on a no destination road trip
109. go to Egypt
110. have a walk in wardrobe
111. spend New Years Eve in Times Square
112. go to Carlo's bake shop
113. go to a fire walk
114. name a star
115. send a message in a bottle
116. go to LA
117. own a pair of Red Sole shoes
118. visit Barbados
119. swim with dolphins
120. go to London
121. play spin the bottle
122. go to Barcelona
123. throw a surprise party for someonw
124. kiss in the snow
125. learn sign language
126. visit platform 93/4 at King's Cross Station
127. go on a spa weekend with my best friends
128. get my nose pierced
129. get my bellybutton pierced
130. drive a motorbike
131. take part in a photoshoot
132. go on a road trip to all 50 states
133. build a blanket fort
134. own my dream car
135. own a motorbike
136. own a coffee/book store
137. be happy

If you read all of that then thank you and I hope you were inspired to do some of the things on my list, if you have any life goals or bucket lists leave me a comment and let me know!

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