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After 4 long months of being stuck in hospital I'm finally home! I was admitted on the 31/5/16 and discharged on the 27/9/16. Waking up in my own house has to be one of the best feelings I've had in a long time! Even though I'm now home I'm having to sleep in my living room because my bed isn't suitable but we're on the route to fix that by getting either a mattress elevator or putting the hospital bed in my room! But despite having to sleep in the living room the next couple of weeks I'm so glad to finally be here, I can go into my room whenever I like, I can watch tv, the first person I see when I wake up isn't a nurse it's my mum or dad! I love it !

I'm hoping now that I'm home I'll be able to post a lot more and set up some sort of blogging schedule. I really enjoy blogging but I'm just struggling to find the time or concentration to write blog posts. I'm thinking of writing a few posts the next time I have some free time so that I have them ready to upload! Once I'm settled back in I'll be able to sort everything out properly.

I know this was a short post but I felt that I should give a little update to that's happening in my life ! Hopefully I will have more time to write as I don't have as much on my mind now !

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