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Hey everyone! Today's post is about something I'm really excited about! This year I'm taking part in A Piece of Viola's Christmas Gift Swap ! I saw a post on Em's blog (view Em's post here) and thought this was such an amazing project and just had to take part in it.  The idea behind it is that you sign up and are given a blogger to swap a gift with! You each get to know each other a little before and then hopefully after the swap become friends! I think it's a fantastic idea and I cant wait to get involved!

If you are interested in taking part in this amazing project then here's how!

Here are the following dates for this swap:
* November 1st: Deadline for completing the submission form.
* November 6th (or earlier!): Find out your blogger pair, yay!
* By December 17th: Send off gifts to your blogger pair

In order to take part, you must:
* Fill in the Google form document – here
* Write a blog post about this event within five days of receiving confirmation.
* Send a couple of nice gifts to your paired blogger by December 17th.
* Write a post about your gifts (must include photos) after you have received them.
* Send Viola links to all of your blog posts so she can see how the event has gone!
   Viola's Blog   Viola's Twitter   Viola's Instagram   Viola's Email
   Em's Blog      Em's Twitter     Em's Instagram     

I hope you get involved! I'm really excited about it!

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