Pretty Little Bloggers Chat


Hello everybody!
Recently myself and a few lovely girls from the blogging community have created a twitter chat called "Pretty Little Bloggers"! We are all super excited and have worked extremely hard on it. The chat is fairly new so we are still working out the details but so far it's been amazing! Everyone had been so supportive of us and I think I speak for all the girls when I say I appreciate it!

As of right now there are 8 girls including myself who run the chat twice every week. So far there has only been 2 chats but each of them have been a success! I am so proud of what we've created and I hope all the other girls love it as much as it do.

If you want to check out the chat it's @PLBChat on Twitter!
We're hoping to organise other social media in the future so check out twitter for updates!

Also I'd love it if you would check out the other girls as there blogs are amazing!

Jay-  @jayxoxox18
Holly-  @hollyx_01
Em-  @emilyybecca
Kate-  @myinterneth
Sarah-  @sarah_lemmon
Tanya-  @scribledreams
Mia-  @in_mia_land

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  1. Love this post, Chloe! And am loving the chat! I'm so happy about it! xo


  2. Very excited about a new chat with some familiar blogging pals! Hope to participate in upcoming chats! 😊😊

  3. It's great being a part of this. All of you are supremely talented and amazingly sweet.