About me|I Bought My Domain Name!


This post is going to be a short one but I just wanted to give you a little update about my blog. If you follow me on Twitter or keep tabs on my blog then you might already know this but for those of you that don't, I bought my own domain name, well my dad bought me it as part of my Christmas and I'm so thankful for it! If you don't know what that means basically it means that instead of my blog being chloebeeslife.blogspot.com like it used to be its now chloebeeslife.com taking out the .blogspot. I know to some people that doesn't won't mean anything but its a big deal to me since it means that now my blog looks a little more "professional" and hopefully brand and companies will take me a little more seriously. 

I hope you all like my domain as much as I do! I'm also hoping to organise a posting schedule soon so keep an eye out for that on my social media.


See You Soon!x

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  1. Great little update Chloe x I would love to have my own domain name and I might look in to it a bit more, I think yours looks great x