Blogmas|Building a Gingerbread House|Day9


In light of the Christmas spirit myself and my mum decided to build a gingerbread house! We are no good at baking so we bought a kit to do it at home and had such a fin time doing it. We have never done it together and we both enjoyed it a lot! I had made one when I was 9 or 10 with my sisters fiancé who I am very close with, he got me a kit one year for my Christmas and I had a lot of fun doing it so really when I saw the kit in the store I begged my mum to get it and build one with me and eventually she gave in. So in this post I am going to show you (not very well) what steps we took!

We bought this kit for £3.99 from B&M

It comes with simple instructions on the back so we followed these

This kit came with 6 different pieces. 2x front and back, 2x sides, 2x roof

We then put the icing around all of the sides.

And then stuck all the side pieces in place 1 by 1 holding each piece for around 
10 seconds per piece to make sure they were stuck in place.

After that we covered the tops of all the sides.
Which we then stuck the roof pieces onto.

After that we decorated the house! I had a lot of fun doing this part 
(so much fun that I forgot to take pictures doing it)
but I took pictures of the end result.


Decorating was my favourite part! I done the front and the left side
and my mum done the back and the right side.

I had so much fun doing this I'm actually buying it again to do it with
my sister and her fiancé!

If you make a gingerbread house then make sure to let me know!
I'm also still getting the hang of blog pictures so I'm still not the best
so if you have any tips then please let me know in the comments.

Make Sure To Check Back Tomorrow For More Blogmas Fun!


See You Soon!x

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