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Today's post is a quick run down of what my plans for Christmas Day are so with out further ado, let's get into it!
My plans for Christmas are to wake up around 7am and call my sister to wake her up since she moved out this year but we always open our presents together, so she is going to come over to my house to keep up the tradition and then when she is here she will come get me out of bed and we will go wake up my parents. All of us will go down stairs into the living room to open up all of our presents. We usually all sit on the floor to open our presents but since my change in health I'm going to be sitting on the couch or in my chair. After we all open our presents we give the dogs their presents, our oldest dog Angel loves to pull open wrapping paper so we wrap some toys for her every year, our other 4 dogs don't mind so much so we just give them their toys. Once the dogs open their presents we will have a fried breakfast and then we all go back to bed for a while and my sister will head home. And around 3pm my mum will come wake me up and my parents and I will get ready and head to my sisters house with my aunt and uncle for Christmas dinner. After dinner we usually have a karaoke and the adults have a few drinks and then head home. My mum has planned for me and her to watch a Christmas film and spend the rest of the night together!

Sorry for this short post but hopefully you enjoyed it!
Let me know your plans for Christmas Day in the comments!

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