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Since I've been asking other bloggers some Christmas related questions I decided to answer them myself so here are my answers to my Christmas Q&A!

1.What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
My favourite thing about Christmas is the atmosphere, everyone just seems happier at Christmas.

2. What's the best Christmas present you've ever gotten?
The best present I've ever gotten was my IPhone 5s. I was dying for this phone a few years ago but my family just didn't have to money to buy me it and so on Christmas day I got the biggest surprise. my mum and dad waited until I had opened all my presents and then they told me there was a present hidden under the tree in a pink box, I was so shocked when I opened it and found the phone.

3. What's the worst Christmas present you've ever gotten?
This one was super hard to answer since I've always been very lucky when it comes to getting goo presents but I think on of the worst ones I got was a set of drums, it wasn't a bad present at first but after a while they got boring and annoying, I still have no clue how to play!

4. What's your 3 favourite Christmas movie?
My top 3 favourite Christmas movies are Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Grounded . I absolutely love Christmas comedies although I am a sucker for a Christmas romance.

5. What's your 3 favourite Christmas songs ?
When Christmas songs start to play on the radio and in shops I start to get so excited! My top 3 songs are, All I Want For Christmas, Fairy tale in New York and  Merry Christmas Everyone.

6. If you could have 1 Christmas Wish what would it be ?
I feel like I talk about this in every single one of my posts but my Christmas wish would for me and everyone with an illness to get better. I hate what is happening to me but I know there are people out there that have it so much worse than I do and I would hate to think how they fell so I wish that some how it could be taken away form everyone.
 7. Are you excited about Christmas?
OMG yes! If you couldn't tell by all my posts!

8. Star or Angel on top of the tree?
We have both but we usually put up the angel.

9. Do you have any Christmas Traditions?
I do! I have a full post about my Christmas traditions which you can read here.

10. How will you be spending Christmas Day ?
Usually my whole family go to my aunts house but this year we are going to my sisters house because she has just recently moved in and wants to have her first Christmas there.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to take part in my Christmas Q&A then leave your answers in the comments!

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