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Christmas is my favourite time of year and one of the reasons for that are my Christmas traditions, these traditions play a big part of my Christmas experience each year and honestly it wouldn't be Christmas without them. I have a few traditions that I don't think ill ever be able to drop and to be honest they'll probably be in my family for years to come.

The first tradition is going to George Square to see the Christmas lights, I never actually go to the switch on of the lights because there are far too many people and my anxiety can't handle that. But I always go and see the lights a few weeks after they're switched on. Last year was one of my best experiences doing this as I went after my school show rehearsal with most of the cast and we had such a fun time. Most of the cast actually went ice skating at George Square but myself and one of my friends both have health problems and couldn't go on the ice so we both went for a coffee and had just as fun of a time!

My second tradition is Christmas shopping. I know this one is pretty basic because everyone goes Christmas shopping but its one of the things that I look forward to doing the most. My mum and I go out at least twice, the run up to Christmas and go shopping for presents and I absolutely love doing it! I love spending time with my mum and I love buying people presents.

My third tradition is on Christmas eve, my Mum, Sister and myself all wear the same pyjamas and the three of us and my dad get to open one Christmas present from under the tree, while sitting in the living room singing Christmas carols.

My fourth and final tradition is waking up excessively early, waking up my sister then my mum and dad and then going down to the living room to open our presents, well when I say open our presents I mean look at our presents because our family hate wrapping paper so none of us wrap presents. Then after opening (looking at) out presents everyone except me go back to bed because I wake up far too early for the rest of my family to function, so I usually sit in the living room watching TV and playing around with all the cool new gadgets I got as presents. Once it reaches an expectable time to be awake my dad makes us a fried breakfast and we then start to get ready for Christmas dinner at my aunts house which this year we will be changing as my sister recently moved out and we are going to her house, with my aunt and uncle, for dinner.

I hope you liked my Christmas Traditions! if you have any please let me know in the comments or you can let me know on social media!


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