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If you cant tell by all my other posts I love Christmas, it's my favourite time of year! I'm not going to lie one of the things I love about Christmas is presents, who doesn't like receiving gifts for no reason at all ? Each year my mum gets me to write her a list of things I would like for Christmas and this year I decided to share that list on my blog ! So without any further ado here is my Christmas wish list!

1. IPhone7 plus
Each year I always get one 'main' present which is usually on the more expensive side and this year I've asked for a new phone, specifically the IPhone7 plus. And I know that this is an expensive gift but I need a new phone and I'm paying for my contract by myself so my mum and dad both agreed to getting me it.

2. Clothes and Shoes
Every year my mum and I go Christmas shopping specifically for clothes and shoes and this year we went early so I already know what clothes and shoes I'm getting. We spent almost 2 hours in Primark picking them.

3. Phone case & Popsocket
Since I'm getting a new phone I'm going to need a new phone case. So I've been looking everywhere for one that I like since I'm extremely picky and I found a few on etsy that I think are very cute! I also would like a popsocket which I'm not too picky about what one.

4. IPad Keyboard
I want to get an iPad keyboard so that I can write up blog posts on the go since my laptop is too big to carry around with me so I think that using my iPad would be easier.

5. Crystals & Gem Stones
I absolutely love crystals! My mum brought me up with them as part of my life and I 100% believe they work, I have crystals all over my room and I try to keep one with me at all  times. My favourite crystal is Amethyst and I've always been attracted to it, so I'm hoping to get some for Christmas. I would also like some books about crystals. 

6. Books
Books are something that anyone can buy me and I'll be ecstatic! They make me so happy and I just love collecting them. I actually keep a book where I write down all my books. So each year my mum buys me some books, this year we went into Waterstones and bought me £65 worth of books, I can't actually remember what books we picked up because it was a few weeks ago but I will do a "What I got for my Christmas" post after I get them.

7. Pink Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Notebook
I've decided I want to start a bullet journal so I've asked for a Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Notebook specially in the colour pink because it is my favourite colour. For a while I was going to get a Moleskine but decided I prefer these.

This is the same as my clothes and shoes, my mum let me chose what I want so she doesn't get me products I don't like, but I'm pretty sure she has a few surprise bits.

So that is my Christmas Wish list! I hope you enjoyed this post if you did let me know what you liked about it in the comments!

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See You Soon!x



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