Blogmas|Who Am I?|Day5


As part of Blogmas I am sharing a few poems I have written. They aren't very good but I enjoy writing them so I'm going to post a few!

Who Am I?
You see, the answer to that question should be easy as can be
Because the answer that should be accepted is simply just me
So why when I'm asked this does my face look so confused?
Because the only answer I can think of is the one society has abused
The names that pop into my mind are ones I truly hate
As the moment I open up my mouth i undoubtedly seal my fate
Because if I say that I like Starbucks then I'm the most basic bitch around
Or if I say that I wear dark clothes then a goths the name I'm crowned
If I'm interested in computer games I'm pinned as being a geek
Or if I play some sort of instruments then, well, I've found my clique
Show any sign of sexual curiosity then you're shipped off with "the gays"
The way we treat each other to me, will never cease to amaze

But I'm sick of using labels to identify who I am.
Because who cares what your gender is? Or if you're in love with a woman or a man

So the answer to the question "who am I?" Well you see,
My answer to that question is simply just me !

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See You Soon!x

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