*Review| BrushWorks HD Complete Blender Sponge Set


A couple of months ago I was very kindly sent the BrushWorks HD Complete Blender Sponge Set through Sparkle PR and asked to review them for my blog.
When I first got the package in the mail I was a little skeptical about them since 1. I usually go for the more 'tear drop' shaped beauty sponge. And 2. I had never used a mini beauty sponge. But from the very first time I used them it completely won me over! They are so amazing, I prefer to use them damp but they are just as great if you use them dry. When I use the larger sponge I use the bottom for foundation and the pointed tip to apply lose power and it works a treat. It makes your foundation look so flawless on the skin. To use the smaller sponge I dampen it and blend in my concealer, it is absolutely amazing and since it is smaller it's so much easier to get into all the nooks and crannies of your face like the sides of your nose and up close under your eye. I would 100% recommend these sponges to everyone who loves makeup because they are just so good and extremely adorable!
If you would like to get your hands on these then check out the links below.

Just My Look: Complete Blender Sponge Set
Just My Look: Complexion Sponge
Just My Look: HD Definer Complexion Sponge
Just My Look: General Brush Page

(I completely forgot to take pictures of the product before I opened it so the photo is from their website) 

I hope you enjoyed this post!
If you have any other products you would like me to review then get in touch with me and let me know.

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