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Hello Everyone!

I took a week off of blogging last week because I got my exam results on Tuesday and I wanted to take a day to let my results sink in! I'm completely elated with my results, over the past 2 and a half years I have had a lot of problems with my health so I missed an entire year of school and then I was only able to attend part time, and I still managed to achieve an A at National 5 English, an A at National 5 Drama, a B at National 5 Art and a National 4 Maths Pass! I did not expect to get results anywhere near as high and I'm completely proud of myself! So in honor of my school starting back tomorrow I thought I'd do a quick "What's In My Schoolbag" to show what school supplies I have in my bag for my first day back. 

Pencil case

My pencil case this year is actually a small makeup bag because I couldn't fit all of my supplies in my other one! 

The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Little Notebooks 

For English this year my class is reading The Crucible so I need to keep a copy on me for class. I also have 2 little notebooks so I can keep notes on the book. 

My Planner

I just keep a basic planner to keep up with homework and school events. 


I have 5 A4 sized notebooks in my bag for each class and 1 for general notes. 


Thanks for reading, until next time!x

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