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Hello everyone!

While on holiday in Spain this year with my parents and boyfriend I decided to get my first tattoo. Technically I'm still underage to get a tattoo but I had full permission from my parents to get this done and I would be able to get one in a few months anyway and the tattoo artist never even questioned my age, so I don't see an issue with it.

Anyway, I decided to get a simple line drawing tattoo that I drew myself from a saying that my mum, my sister and I have said to each other since I can remember. "I love you from Here to Eternity and Back again" it is similar to the saying "I love you to the moon and back" but my family changed it to make it more personal. So for my first ever tattoo I drew it up myself and the tattoo artist tidied it up a little, I drew an X to represent here, a shooting star to represent To Eternity and an arrow from the star back to the X to represent And Back Again. This tattoo is very special to me as it will always have meaning in my life and I absolutely love how it has been done. 

(My reaction to the pain)

Personally, I have a rather high pain tolerance, so I didn't find it at all painful, but my mum and boyfriend also got tattoos the same day and they both said it was agony getting them but fine afterwards, so the pain level ranges from person to person.

The after care of the tattoo is extremely easy, all I have to do is keep it clean and apply the cream that they give you. At first the tattoo looks and feels like a small scab, but you have to be careful not to pick at it or you could pick out the ink, the scab like ink go away after a few weeks and the tattoo looks how it will look from then on.

I hope you enjoyed this post about my first tattoo, let me know about your experiences with tattoos in the comments!


Thanks for reading, until next time!x

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