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Hello Everyone!

If you're anything like me then you will also find that the hardest part of your makeup routine is your brows! I've never been very good at doing my brows and it has made 10 times more difficult when my brows are like jungles. I have to keep my brows neat and tidy in order for me to even begin to try to fill them in, but it’s not always possible to make the appointment to get them done, especially at this time of year. So, when I was at the Girls Day Out in Glasgow, I decided to 1. get my brown waxed and tinted and 2. invest in a product that would not only help me fill in my brows when they have been waxed but also when they badly need done! I only trust one brand to wax my brows and that brand is Benefit Cosmetics! I've been going to benefit for a while now to get my brows done and I use their Kabrow and GimmieBrow almost daily but I was finding that when my brows started to grow out a little I was struggling to fill them in to a decent standard.

Brows Before
Brows After

So, while I was getting my brows done I asked the browtician for some recommendations and she very kindly offered to show me some of their products on. the first product she tried on me is actually the product this post is centred around, the Brow Contour Pro. When this product was first released I thought it looked cool but I was quite sceptical about its practicability, when I first saw the packaging of the product it reminded me a lot of those coloured pens with 4 or 5 different pens inside it and all I could think is how often those would break and get stuck inside it so I was a little concerned that would happen with the brow pencil but since I’ve had this product it hasn't even stuck a little bit. I’m honestly so impressed with this pencil, it's the best one I’ve tried so far and is so easy to use, it’s all there in once place, it’s so handy to travel with. I don’t travel much but I stay with friends quite a lot and it makes it easier to pack a smaller makeup bag. It’s made it a load easier to do my brows and completely sped up the process so much! 


Brush brows into place.

Outline the tail and middle, stopping before the front, in the darkest colour.

Fill in the tail in the darkest colour.


Fill in the front with the lighter colour using light feathery strokes.

Draw around the edge of the brow with the definer to clean it up.


Blend in the definer and add a little bit of the highlight on the brow bone.

(I also add a little GimmieBrow at this stage)

Final Look

This is the final look with the rest of the makeup.

I've found that I’m able to fill my eyebrows in without getting frustrated or having to dig through my makeup bag. The 2 different brow shades are perfect for an ombre brow affect and they apply like a dream, they glide on so perfectly and the concealer blends so easily. I honestly haven’t used the brow highlight because I use the benefit high brow already, but I’ve tested it on my hand and its absolutely stunning. 

I hope you liked this post! If you did, let me know in the comments! Also let me know your opinion on this product if you have tried it yourself!

Thanks for reading, Until next time x

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